Loud and Proud Bombay is a community blog for activist in Bombay to post entries, photos, videoss, audio files of actions, protests, morchas or announcements for upcoming actions. It is intended that it thus becomes a space for discussion, debate and strategies. It is another way way, along with yahoogroups, googlegroups, facebook groups, to create community, to open out our presence and further communication, with the world, with ourselves.

Anyone can comment.

If you want to write an entry on this blog go to http://www.wordpress.com

enter: username: loudandproudblog password: wordpress

click on loudandproudbombay. Then in the upper left hand corner, there is

My Account  My Dashboard  New Post

click on new post.

If you would like to post entries under your own name, or the name of your organisation, send an email to: loudproudbombay@gmail.com. You will be sent an invitation to create a wordpress account. Your email ID will automatically be added as a contributor to this blog. Logon to wordpress using the ID you have created.

Also visit the loudandproudbombay videos on Youtube.


One Response to About

  1. thatguy says:

    I also feel the media had acted ir responsible..
    First the girl is raped and that too gang raped and then the media is sitting there to support these guys..
    this was horrific… journalism at its worst..
    i felt so ashamed.!!!i made a blog against the friends who made a blog supporting the rapist..

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